About the conference


 The objectives of the event are:

  1. 1.To promote and disseminate research findings in related to medical science technology
  2. 2.To provide an international platform for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in medical science technology research and practice also to explore the potential collaborations in future research.

Topics of Interest

Clinical Laboratory and Biomedical Science

-   Histochemistry and Cell Biology

-   Biochemistry

-   Genetics and Molecular Biology

-   Immunology

-   Microbiology

-   Microscopic Research and Technique

-   Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

-   Hematology

-   Anatomy and Physiology


Body System in Environmental Health

-   Occupational Safety

-   Public Health

-   Environmental Health


Nutritional in Healthcare

-   Nutritional Science

-   Clinical Nutrition

-   Nutrition in Life Cycle

-   Sport Nutrition




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