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Diploma of Medical Science Technology in Environmental Health Care

KPT/JPS (KA 8825) 06/13, MQA PA 8825


Along with the advancements in environmental health technology, this course is offered to fulfil the needs for skilled and trained environmental technologist to assist in the operation, management and enforcement of environmental health. Environmental Health Science Technologist plays a major role as a member of an interdisciplinary health care team. They involve primarily in assisting environmental health officers to evaluate and control environmental hazards, maintaining a safe supply of food and drinking water, improving methods for treatment and disposal of waste and researching the environmental impact towards overall human health. They also involve in assisting the enforcement of environmental health laws and regulations in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment to live in. Through its curriculum which integrates the knowledge, attitude, and skill components, the graduates are prepared to meet the challenging endeavour as professional environmental health technologist.


The main objective of this programme is to produce knowledgeable, competitive and innovative graduates capable of contributing towards the human capital in all major areas of the environmental health science laboratory with opportunity for a degree of specialization.

Academic Requirement

Total Credit: 103 credits
Compulsory/Core: 82 credits
Electives: 21 credits

Course Duration

Total Semester: 6 full semesters, 3 short semesters
Duration: 3 years



Major Intake: July

Career Prospect

Graduates of this diploma are qualified to work as Assistant Environmental Health Officer in Government Sector (local authorities and Ministry), Private Sector (Industry, Hotel) and Environmental Consulting Company which include;

- Research and development laboratories

- Academic institution

- Environmental sector

- Epidemiological field

- Toxicological field

- Pharmaceutical companies

In addition, those who keen to further study have good opportunity to pursue study in Bachelor in Medical Sciences in Environmental Health Care (Hons.)

Course Content

The Diploma of Medical Science in Environmental Health Science is made up of 103 credits. 82 units are allocated for the core (programme) subjects and the remaining 21 units are for the university subjects.

During the first year of study, students will learn subjects like Cell Biology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Human Biochemistry, Instrumentation for Biomedical Sciences, Human Pharmacology, Introduction to Health Care and Basic Medical Microbiology. Get into second year of study, students will have the opportunity to study subjects like Environmental Microbiology, Human Immunology, Air Pollution Exposure, Water Quality, Pollution & Control, Vector Control, Disease Control as well as Introduction to Entrepreneurship to give an early exposure to the students in the direction of entrepreneur. Finally, during the final year, the emphasis will be on in-depth subjects like Environmental Evaluation & Analysis, Environmental Waste Management and Introduction to Industrial Safety & Health. The students also will be send for industrial training to gain practical experience in an actual workplace. Emphasis on communication and ‘soft’ skills, integrity and attitude are also evident by the occurrence of subjects related to ethics, morals and language.

Detail Programme Contents

Year 1 (1st Semester)

•  Cell Biology

•  Chemistry

•  Physics

•  Mathematics

•  Instrumentation for Biomedical Science

•  Introduction to Healthcare

•  Technical & Communication English I

•  Mandarin I

  Year 1 (2nd Semester)

•  Human Anatomy & Physiology

•  Human Biochemistry

•  Basic Medical Microbiology

•  Human Pharmacology

•  Technical & Communication English II

•  Mandarin II

•  Islamic/Moral Studies

•  Co-curriculum I

Year 2 (1st Semester)

•  Human Immunology

•  Pathogenic Microbiology

•  Health Science Statistics

•  Disease Control

•  Vector Control

•  Bahasa Kebangsaan A

•  Technical & Communication English III

Year 2 (2nd Semester)

•  Air Pollution Exposure

•  Water Quality, Pollution and Control

•  Environmental Microbiology

•  Food Protection

•  Introduction to Legal Procedure

•  Scientific Communication

•  Introduction to Entrepreneurship

•  Co-curriculum II

  Year 3 (1st Semester)

•  Environmental Waste Management

•  Environmental Evaluation & Analysis

•  Introduction to Industrial Safety and Health

•  Management & Quality Assurance

•  Final Year Project

•  Malaysian Studies

Year 3 (2nd Semester)

•  Industrial Training


Course Features and Benefits

This programme focuses on knowledge in field of environmental and health care as a competitive advantage, which enables graduates to communicate effectively with medical professionals involved in treatment and rehabilitation of individuals suffering environmental related diseases. Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will be awarded the Diploma Degree of Medical Science in Environmental Health Care and qualified to further sutudy to bachelor in Medical Science in Environmental Health Care (Hons.) Program.

The programme was designed and developed with conscientious to match the specific needs of potential employers, regulators and modern society in general. Apart from that, the candidates are introduced to the medical ethic, sociology and psychology in order to prepare them for their future career. In addition to implement the university aims to produce enterprising global technopreneurs, students are exposed to entrepreneurship throughout their student life.

The students registered for this program are required to comply with activities which have been planned for them trough out the study duration. These activities will polish their soft skill (eg: communication skills, leadership skills and teamwork) while having fun participating the activities. These activities include community service activities, mentoring activities, industrial linkage activities and also international exposure. These activities will give them great exposure to the medical industry locally and globally.


Professional Recognition

This program has been approved by MQA

[KPT/JPS (KA 8825) 06/13, MQA PA 8825]